Indian Point Nuclear Plant UFO

1984 Indian Point Nuclear Plant UFO Visit: Truth or Fiction

We compare Phil Imbrogno’s research to a 1985 newspaper article regarding the 1984 UFO Indian Point nuclear plant sighting

On July 24, 1984, several security personnel reported a large, mysterious craft hovering over the Indian Point nuclear power plant, located about 38 miles north of New York City on the Westchester County side of the Hudson River (east bank).

We present the clips from The Journal-News, which got around to discussing this in January of 1985.

Indian Point Nuclear Plant UFO

Indian Point Nuclear UFO

The above article utilizes typical disinformation tactics. The author appears to be delivering a balanced representation of the article, but creates doubt and attempts to discredit witnesses.

The Article’s Tactics:


Kenneth V. Spiro, zone sergeant for Troop K of the New York State Police, said they believe the sightings were Cessna 152s flown by pranksters out of Stormville Airport.”


Complete and total lie when you consider reported windspeed, size of craft and, most importantly, the ability to hover and/or station keep for long periods of time. Additionally. the craft has been reported to be silent.


Regarding a report that officers “broke out the shotguns, the commander said, “We just don’t do things like that. He (Imbrogno) could possibly be making it up for he took what they (witnesses) gave him and stretched it out.”


Imbrogno is full of it.


“A dozen security officers at the Indian Point 3 nuclear plant spotted a large UFO on July 24, 1984 according to Phil Imbrogno, an astronomer with the Center for UFO Studies.”


“A dozen officers spotted the UFOs, but that’s according to Imbrogno who’s listed as a UFO researcher and therefore cannot be trusted.”


“Carl Patrick, a spokesman for NYPA, operator of Unit 3, confirmed the sightings, but said: “It’s a six-month-old story.”


“This is old news. Why are we focusing on this? If anything bad happened, you’d know by now.”

Imbrogno’s Report

Imbrogno’s research yielded this digest of facts:

1. He began investigating a sighting on Sept. 2, but learned of an earlier incident on July 24, 1984 at 10:15 pm. On that date, the UFO reportedly hovered 300 feet about Reactor No. 3.

2. On July 24, 1984 at 10 pm, Bob Pozzuoli of Brewster, NY, video taped the very same UFO.

3. Imbrogno received permission from the plant supervisor to interview witnesses on Sept. 7, 1984. However, the interview was cancelled 24 hours prior to schedule based on Federal government/NRC “shakeup” at the plant. He wrote: “Little did I know that on the same day of the call the entire complex underwent a security shakeup by the Nuclear Reglatory (sic) Commission(NRC) and other government agencies who I found out later were Military and belonging to some special military force that is responsible for security of government istallations (sic) in the area.”

4. High winds did not affect the craft. According to the report: Jeff said that at the time of the sighting the wind was gusting up to 35 miles an hour. If this was a blimp or formation of small aircraft it could have never hovered for ten minutes. “This thing was unaffected by the wind he said” He also heard no sound at all. During the sighting they tried to identify the aircraft by checking local and military air traffic, but all proved negative. Jeff also said that they saw no familar (sic) naigation (sic) lights which aircraft are required to carry.

As they continued to watch the object move away they saw it turn to the southeast. “As it turned” Jeff said, “It turned like it was lying on a wheel, it rotated. It made a sharp ninety-degree turn and moved away very slowly.”

The description of the craft and its ability to turn on an axis matches those of the craft spotted over Garnerville, NY, in March 1984. Garnerville is just a few miles southwest of Indian Point on the western, Rockland County-side of the Hudson.

Exact Description of Garnerville Craft

This description EXACTLY describes the craft from the Garnerville sighting:

“First they would all turn yellow, then white and then they all turned blue. There were about fifteen lights this time all arranged in a semi-circle with a red one flashing in the back. It was a nice clear night and as the object approached the plant it blocked out the stars. The night sky in that area is heavily light poluted and you could see a dark mass against the brighter night sky. The object came right over the plant and there was no sound at all. I got to within 500 feet from it. It looked like an icecream cone with the lights in a half circle in the front and a red one in its tail. You could see the solid body it covered up the entire sky and was the size of at least three football fields. At this time it was directly over our heads, and we were looking up at it. It was moving very slowly and I could keep up with it at a slow walk, so it must have been going slower than ten miles an hour. No aircraft could stay airborne moving at that slow speed.”

5. The usual government Sergent Schultz routine: “The next day the commander called in all the guards involved and informed them that “Nothing Happened”. They were all ordered to forget the entire incident. All radio communications that night were taped, but according to the plant supervisor the tapes no longer exist. I was informed that they only keep the tapes for a short time, then they erase them and use them over. I talked with several people who work in security, one of them for another nuclear plant. I was told by this security expert that the tapes are kept if an incident took place. I was also told that all the security cameras at a Nuclear plant use video tape, and that the tape is turned on if an incident takes place. Yet, the NYPA denies using any video during the UFO incident.”

6. Indian Point suffered a crack after the July 24th incident: I continued to gather information from my informers. I found out that reactor number three had a crack in its casing which the plant officials were trying to keep hidden from the public. According to my information the crack appeared after the July 24th encounter. This crack was later confirmed in 1988 when New York TV news stations carried a story about the reactor casing being cracked and “small” amounts of radioactive steam being released. It seems that my contacts did have accurate information and to this day I am still getting information about the UFO incident and I now have more faith in my informers.

“Did you know? In 1984, only Reactor 3 supplied power. Imbrogno states the nuke plant powered NYC’s subway system and also supplied energy to government black sites including an NSA satellite tracking station in Sandy Hook, CT.”