51 Percent of New York UFO Sightings Near Water


Cheryl Costa of the Syracuse New Times posted a story researching the correlation between UFO sightings and New York’s waterway systems.

According to the story, New Yorkers witnessed 5,141 UFO sightings between 2001-2015. Of that number, 2,636 appeared near a body of water. The Hudson Valley led the state with a whopping 32 percent of these sightings (1,645).


We keep hearing a refrain among UFO followers that “UFO sightings are on the rise” and they point to this evidence as a sign of some pending event or alien revelation.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

1) UFO sightings are up because the entire public holds a portable camera in their hands (the cellphone) and can capture odd events at just about any time. This is certainly an improvement of having to a) own and b) schlep a massive video camera around like the old folks of the 1980’s.

2) An unknown object in the sky rightly deserves an “unidentified” ranking, however, the public and media immediately conclude its of extraterrestrial origin. In reality, most Americans wouldn’t know the different between a 747 and a Piper Cub.

3) Drones and other new military technology are orbiting over major cities on an increasing basis. Here’s a story about an NSA blimp illegally floating over Maryland and slurping up digital data. These puppies can float at nearly twice the height of a commercial jetliner. What happens when you spot one of these with sun setting or rising?


4) There’s a cottage industry of hoaxes developing as well as UFO websites hungry to seek out anything they can claim is from another world. Here’s an example: Is this a huge UFO mothership? No, you morons, it’s a cloud or a really good Photoshop picture. And heaven forbid a bit of space junk or ice should fly by the International Space Station camera! That’s enough to create some sort of NASA conspiracy.

Here’s a really well-done piece of video CGI:






5) The Hudson Valley represents the most populated region of New York. More people mean more opportunities for sightings.

The bottom line is that crummy UFO sightings discredit the whole notion of understanding this phenomenon. And while UFO sightings are up, we expect them to be based on the number of cellphones in the hands of people who cannot identify commerical, military or scientific aircraft or even discern objects like clusters of Mylar balloons reflecting sunlight.

Do I believe the UFO I witnessed in 1984 visited from another world? No, I don’t. What bothers me more is that it probably served as a massive piece of military technology never unveiled by our “benevolent” government.