Hudson Valley UFO

My Account of Hudson Valley UFO

March 1984:

My girlfriend and I are walking my dog at North Garnerville Elementary School. It’s about 9 pm on Friday or Saturday.

The dog worked its way along a fence bordering the southern end of the school’s massive property and just as we reached the bottom of the hill I looked up and too my left and notice a large object heading south at low altitude.

Hudson Valley UFO
A daytime view of North Garnerville Elementary school noting size/location of craft.

The object featured rows of lights at what appeared to be its head and at the tail, a small red light linked on what looked like a standard aircraft tail.

The craft emitted no sound and paused directly above the school at a height of about 2,000 feet.


North Garnerville Elementary School
We walked down the hill to the right of the school, parallel to the fence.

I’ve always been a bit of an aircraft geek and consider myself fairly knowledgeable about commercial and military aircraft. As the object hung, soundless and motionless in the sky, my first thought led me to consider a massive blimp. But blimps produce distinct sounds from their fans and since this object remained stationary, the fans would’ve been humming along pretty loudly in order to keep it so firmly in place.

At this stage, my girlfriend and I took a seat on a hill and waited to see what would happen next.

After a few minutes of hovering, a bright white light — a bright spot of light seemingly from a single source, but not a beam — appeared in the blank section behind the main row of lights at the head and the red light at the tail.

The little light dropped slowly, steadily downward in a stiff, diagonal manner. It would liken the effect to being more like a light at the end of a telescopic pole. The light lowered in a diagonal line from the craft and appeared to be attached to something rigid and it did not sway. The small light stopped its descent about 100-150 feet below the darkened fuselage. And it remained there for what felt like 10-15 minutes.

The light eventually reeled slowly back into the side of the craft and disappeared. And the craft slowly and steadily executed a 180-degree turn ON ITS AXIS and slowly moved north.

At this point, we considered the show over, so we collected the dog and started to walk up the hill toward Central Highway. My eyes remained fixed on the craft as we walked. Near the top of the hill, I noticed the craft continued moving north at a speed of about 120 knots — landing approach speed for a normal commercial aircraft. But from my current point of view, I could noticed the craft was indeed massive with a wing span probably double that of a 747.

We called the police as soon as we arrived home and asked if anyone else had seen the object. Thousands of others also witnessed the event, including people across the Hudson River. The Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant sat about 2 to 2.5 miles across the Hudson. The policeman mentioned that it might be a hoax played by a team of kit airplanes with lanterns.

Obviously, kit airplanes make a racket, they wouldn’t be able to fly in such a tight formation and they can’t hover for more than 30 minutes.

The next day the local newspaper — The Journal-News — printed a small article in the middle of the section quoting a military spokesman as saying it was a hoax.

I do not buy the hoax explanation. The fact that these sightings took place in the area from 1982-86 with many credible witnesses means that it’s more than just a hoax.

What was this object?

Do I believe it originated from outer space? No. I don’t. I also don’t believe it visited us from the future or some extra dimension; two additional possibilities UFO researchers rarely discuss.

Do I think it was some sort of military test craft? Possibly, but we’ve never seen anything revealed about a craft with these kinds of characteristics 31 years later. Many sightings over the Nevada desert can be explained by experimental military craft such as the stealth fighters and bombers. No aircraft of this size and capability has ever been revealed as a test program or actually commercial or military application.

The one thing that makes me think it’s of human origin is the red navigation light at the back.

Here’s a great example of what we witnessed that night.

This map indicates the area of sightings during “the flap” as UFOlogists call such events.

Hudson Valley UFO Sighting Map


As you can see, over the course of four years, these objects — and some took on different shapes from the examples I provide — drew credible witnesses including police and security officers. The object hovered over the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on two separate occasions.