Resources Special UFO Section. is operated by Gannett, which owned he Rockland County Journal-News at the time as well as ever newspaper in Westchester County. The organization operated under the name Westchester-Rockland News (WRN) at time. After a stint as Gannett Suburban Newspapers, the organization basically now operates one brand — The Journal-News — on both sides of the river.
LoHud UFO Archive bundles up several stories and data. It also reminds us how the Hudson Valley saw TWO different types of craft. One as described here and the other a massive boomerang shapefestooned with lights. More…


One of the best resources for all UFO and inter-dimensional activity in the Hudson Valley region. The trio of authors offer a scientific rigor to their investigations including accounts from credible witnesses. Contains Photos. A must-have for anyone interested about this subject!

Linda Zimmerman published two books on the Hudson Valley UFO phenomenon. Both are excellent resources and support content for Night Siege.